Link to join live zoom class

Link to join live zoom class

When you first subscribe, you will receive a welcome email from me with the link to the live Zoom classes. Please flag this email so it's easy to find, or you can also find the link in the PDF below, which can only be opened by members.

Below is the Live zoom timetable. Online members have unlimited access to all of these class; just click on the video and follow the link to join. See you on the mat!

Mondays 8.15am: one hour mixed ability
Mondays 8pm: half hour runners strength
Tuesdays 7.45am: half hour Move class (intermediate)
Wednesdays 7.45am: half hour Pilates for back pain (gentle)
Thursdays 7.15am: half hour runners strength
Friday 7.45am: half hour Move class (intermediate)

WHAT TO BRING: You'll need a mat and a small towel to use as a head support. We have also been using a variety of optional home Pilates kit including the Pilates ball or foam roller, theraband, tin cans and laundry detergent bottles as weights. You can improvise with a hot water bottle (filled with cold water) instead of a ball, a rolled up bath towel, a pair of tights instead of a long theraband, and most exercises can be adapted to do with no equipment.

Please note that for the LIVE ZOOM CLASSES we have to mute participants for the duration of the class. If you need to unmute yourself to attract our attention please do, but don't forget to mute yourself again or you might inadvertently become the teacher! We can have individual discussions at the end of the class.

Link to join live zoom class