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Welcome to my Online Pilates Membership site! Please click on 'Content' to find out more about what I do.

I am a sports physiotherapist and as a keen runner (ex-rower and triathlete), I have found Pilates hugely beneficial to keep any niggles or injuries at bay. These classes are suitable for almost anyone, sporting or not, but I always try to include key areas for sports people to help prevent injury and improve core strength, balance, coordination not just for runners but also swimmers, cyclists, throwing or racquet sports, rowers, surfers and paddle sports to name a few... The classes are for anyone active, whether for sport or for everyday life. I hope you enjoy it.

The benefits of Pilates are not just physical. Mental health and physical health are so closely linked, and starting or finishing the day with a half hour Pilates fix is a wonderful way to reset both the body and mind.

I think the best way to use this membership is by joining me live on Zoom. Having a set commitment to join as a group is a huge motivator and provides you with accountability to keep you going at a regular time, when it is so easy to put things off to do later. If you can't join live, you can make use of an extensive video library of class recordings, sorted into various folders under 'content', to access them whenever suits you. You can save your favourites to create your own folder.

If you are signing up, please be sure to check your junk email folder for emails from me (they seem to get lost there at times) and add me to your contact list: [email protected] .

The timetable includes a daily half-hour and a weekly hour-long live zoom class:

Mondays 7.45am: one hour intermediate
Mondays 8pm: 40 minute runners' strength (advanced)
Tuesdays 7.45am: half hour Move class (intermediate)
Wednesdays 7.45am: half hour Pilates for back pain (gentle)
Thursdays 7.15am: 40 minute runners' strength (advanced)
Friday 7.45am: half hour Move class (intermediate)

£36 / month: For access to all recordings and to attend one live Zoom class per week (or an in-person class in St Agnes).
£45 / month: For access to all recordings and unlimited live Zoom classes each week.
Please note that I have stopped taking card payments via the website and payment is by regular standing order, which can be cancelled any time. Please email me for a 1 week free trial and for bank details and to set up your membership.

I hope you enjoy the classes. Stay safe and keep moving!

Anna Jenkins
Chartered Physiotherapist
Email: [email protected]

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  • A bit about me

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    I am a sports physiotherapist and I am passionate about the benefits of movement for both mental and physical health. I am based in Cornwall, UK.

    I qualified with a BSc (hons) in Physiotherapy at the University of Birmingham in 2002, and after a few years working as a rotational physiotherapist ...

  • About my Pilates classes
    2 videos — 1 extra

    About my Pilates classes

    2 videos — 1 extra

    I have been teaching Pilates in Oxford since 2008, first in a hospital setting with Nuffield Health at the Manor Hospital Oxford, for patients suffering with back pain or recovering from spinal surgery. I later set up back classes for patients with persistent back pain within the NHS. At the same...

  • Physiotherapy

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    I have a special interest in endurance sport, particularly running, cycling, triathlon and rowing but also other paddle sports and any ocean fairing or outdoor activities! I have worked in elite sport, particularly rowing, and I was physiotherapist to the Oxford University Boat Club of the famous...

  • Run Coaching

    3 videos

    In 2023, I completed my run leader course with England Athletics and started leading couch to 5k groups in our village in St Agnes, Cornwall. I have now gained my England Athletics Run Coaching license and recently started a hill reps session on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm in St Agnes. If you are ...

  • Contact Me

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    If you would like to know more about my Pilates classes, physiotherapy or run coaching in St Agnes, Cornwall, please email me by email:
    [email protected]

    For updates about Pilates, Running groups, Physiotherapy and more, please sign up to my mailing list:

  • Face to face Pilates in St Agnes

    1 video

    Term-time only: Friday 9 - 9.30am at the MMI - join me for a half hour Pilates for runners class before heading out for a group run (either joining me for the couch to 5k group, or head out with other runners (some who did the couch to 5k with me last term) for an informal, friendly group run aft...

  • Link to join live zoom class

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    When you first subscribe, you will receive a welcome email from me with the link to the live Zoom classes. Please flag this email so it's easy to find, or you can also find the link in the PDF below, which can only be opened by members.

    Below is the Live zoom timetable. Online members have unli...

  • July 2024 Live class recordings

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  • Pilates for runners

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  • Other sports

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  • Pilates for Back Pain

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  • Pilates ball

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  • Resistance band

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  • Beginner's Course

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    This includes 8 x 1 hour classes which will progress you through the basic Pilates principles to prepare you to join an intermediate class by the end of the course. This course is suitable for complete beginner's, or anyone wanting to refresh on the Pilates foundations at a more gentle level afte...

  • Other teachers

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    Some old recordings from lockdown days, before I closed Oxford Sports Physio & Pilates and renamed the studio. For people who have attended Gill and Frankie's classes over the years. Enjoy!