Run Coaching

Run Coaching

In 2023, I completed my run leader course with England Athletics and started leading couch to 5k groups in our village in St Agnes, Cornwall. I have now gained my England Athletics Run Coaching license and recently started a hill reps session on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm in St Agnes. If you are interested you can find more details here: or contact me for guided runs on the south west coast path or Arc of Attrition reccie runs.

In 2022 I set myself a goal of running a sub-3 hour marathon. I managed this in April 2023 at the London marathon with just 17 seconds to spare, and a 10-minute PB! I used a low-mileage strategy (34 miles / week average), with some cross-training on the bike as well as regular strength training, giving me the perfect training block leading into the marathon, completely uninterrupted by injury or illness - long may it last! Whilst I loved London, I don't usually enjoy road running and much prefer to be out on the trails, in the mountains or on the coast path doing ultra or adventure runs. In January 2024 I completed my biggest challenge yet, the 103 mile Arc of Attrition.

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Run Coaching
  • Hill reps!

    Wednesday night 7.3pm Hill reps up St Agnes Beacon. I was being observed for this session, part of the process to sign off my England Athletics coach license. All speeds welcome to join (slower runners just don't go quite so far up the hill!). You will need trail shoes and strong ankles as it's o...


  • Runners strength timelapse

    This video will give you an idea of what to expect in my Pilates for runners class. it is slower in real life! You can do this more advanced class without the weights while you become familiar with the moves and gradually build up, working on strength, balance and coordination for runners and non...

  • Foam Roller Timelapse