Pilates for runners

Pilates for runners

Pilates for runners
  • 20.06.2024. Runner’s strength

  • High hamstring exercise for runners

    This is a useful late stage rehab exercise for runners with high hamstring tendinopathy.

  • 09.05.2024. Runner’s strength - do this one!

    I'm not sure why but I liked this class, it had a good flow without being rushed we managed to fit in two sets of our main weighted exercises. Including double instead of single leg deadlifts this week. Enjoy!

  • 18.03.2024. Runner’s Strength

    With a focus on glute and hamstring strength with some static holds using a foam roller during the warm up today. Enjoy!

  • 14.03.2024. Runner’s Strength

  • 19.02.2024. Runner’s strength

  • 05.02.2024. Runner’s strength

    Starting with some more traditional but challenging Pilates matwork before we move into standing for some single leg sit to stand, single leg calf strength and split squats. Enjoy!

  • 01.02.2024. Runner’s Strength

  • 22.01.2024. Runner’s strength

    The usual planks as our warm-up and then focusing on slowing down our calf raises to build load tolerance through the plantar fascia, achilles and calf, as well as splits squats, single leg RDL and single leg bridging - 2 x 6 reps. Enjoy!

  • 18.12.2023. Runner's Strength

    This evening we use the resistance band around the legs again for our warm-up, and then condense to just 3 main weighted exercises (combining our split squats with a bent-knee calf exercise), 2 x 8 reps and then the usual stretches to finish. This is the last live runner's strength session until ...

  • 30.11.2023. Runner's Strength

    Our Thursday 7.15am half-hour strength session. If you have time for a longer workout, repeat the 5 main weighted exercises 3 times. Enjoy!

  • 13.11.2023. Runner's strength

    Our usual Monday night routine - 35 minutes including a warm up of various planks, then on to weighted single leg calf, split squats, SL RDL, single leg bridging and finishing with some hip and spine mobility and stretches. As always, repeat our main weighted exercises 3 times for a longer circu...

  • 30.10.2023. Runner's strength

    The usual planks and hamstring walk-outs as our warm-up, then some variations on squats and soleus strength today. Enjoy! As always, you can repeat the main strength exercises 3 times for a longer workout (from 15m30s to 29m of this recording)

  • 09.10.2023. Runner's strength

    Starting with some plank variations and hamstring walk-outs for our warm-up. Repeat our 5 weighted strength exercises (from 11m15s to 23m45s) 2-3 times to do a longer strength workout.

  • 05.10.2023. Pilates for Runners - balance & coordination

    For this class, instead of using weights for split squats and single leg RDL's, we focus on increasing the challenge to our balance using a rolled up mat under the foot. Repeat from 7m15s to 23m30s 2-3 times for a longer workout.

  • 02.10.2023. Runner's Strength

    The usual warm up planks and side-planks, then our main 6 strength exercises include Bulgarian squats this week, repeating 2 x 12 reps using two dumbbells. If you have an extra 5 minutes, repeat the calf exercises again as we only did these once. Enjoy!

  • 28.09.2023. Runner's strength

    Including a few yoga moves and planks as a warm-up and cool-down. Today we build endurance with slightly reduced weight but increasing the reps to 12. Repeat 3 sets of our 6 main exercises between minute 8-24 of this recording for a longer workout.

  • 18.09.2023. Runner's Strength

    This evening we did just one circuit,, continuing with 8 slow reps of 6 main strength exercises, using dumbells or kettle bells if you have them. Starting with a warm up including some mobility, planks and side-planks and finish with a cool down including some yoga moves focusing on hip flexibili...

  • 12.09.2023. Runners Strength week 2

    I am using two 10kg dumbells and 8 slow reps for this class, however if you are new to the exercises do the class with no weight at all, focusing on balance and coordination and learning the movements before adding load. Enjoy!

  • 04.09.2023. Runners Strength - Intro week 1

    The first in a new series of runners strength sessions. Today we are starting with body weight only while we learn the circuit, doing 8 reps of each exercise. Over the next 6 weeks we will progress by adding weight and increasing reps. Ideally, I would normally do do 3 sets of this circuit, twice...

  • 15 minute Runners warm-up

    A 15-minute warm-up to prepare your body for a run, or try repeating 2-3 times as a longer strength circuit. Enjoy!