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Watch this video and more on AJ Sports Physio & Pilates

Watch this video and more on AJ Sports Physio & Pilates

05.10.2023. Pilates for Runners - balance & coordination

Pilates for runners • 32m

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  • 02.10.2023. Runner's Strength

    The usual warm up planks and side-planks, then our main 6 strength exercises include Bulgarian squats this week, repeating 2 x 12 reps using two dumbbells. If you have an extra 5 minutes, repeat the calf exercises again as we only did these once. Enjoy!

  • 28.09.2023. Runner's strength

    Including a few yoga moves and planks as a warm-up and cool-down. Today we build endurance with slightly reduced weight but increasing the reps to 12. Repeat 3 sets of our 6 main exercises between minute 8-24 of this recording for a longer workout.

  • 18.09.2023. Runner's Strength

    This evening we did just one circuit,, continuing with 8 slow reps of 6 main strength exercises, using dumbells or kettle bells if you have them. Starting with a warm up including some mobility, planks and side-planks and finish with a cool down including some yoga moves focusing on hip flexibili...